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Our Mission

We serve juices and smoothies for those who’d like to feel great inside and out, for those who are conscious about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a better diet habit, as well as those who understand the benefits brought by the natural ingredients, raw fruits and veggies.
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Newly established by a pair of best friends, who have realized how important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Yet in the past, we used to eat whatever we like without caring much about the nutrition values until we know about juices.

Juices help us to fully enjoy our life and to better understand what our body says. Like a miracle, the more we juice, the more passionate we are into experimenting new mixes of ingredients to make the best bottle of juices. We also know that it is more fun and more enjoyable to share our passion and knowledge about juices to others in needs by establishing Ogo Juice.


All of our juices and smoothies are made from high-quality ingredients provided by certified suppliers (Viet GAP, Global GAP and USDA/EU Organic). We say NO to SUGAR or any sugar alternatives. We are environmentally friendly, vegetarian-friendly and allergy friendly. And Our drinks are DELICIOUS, PURE and NATURAL!
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Meet The Team

We are sisters who passionate about juices
The big sister of Ogo Juice! She is the one who keeps things in order and a yoga lover. She loves traveling and discovering different food cultures around the world. Her F&B experience is vast and she also owns an Advertising Agency with an impressive portfolio.
An easy-going sister of the store! Backpacking and trekking are her most favorite activities as she loves being in nature and exploring local cultures. Specializing in Marketing, Advertising and PR, she is the one who always has creative ideas that can greatly benefit the store.
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