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J1 Tropical Mint
119 Cal.
Cucumber, Spinach, Pineapple, Lime, Mint
Detox the body
65,000 VND
J2 Beauty Green
120 Cal.
Celery, Apple, Bell Pepper, Lime
Weight-loss, clear skin
65,000 VND
J3 Ambapower
208 Cal.
Ambarella, Celery, Apple
Detox the intestine, reduce coughing
65,000 VND
J4 Skin Lover
112 Cal.
Celery, Tomato, Carrot, Lime, Ginger
Clear skin, anti-oxidants
65,000 VND
J5 Sparkling Eyes
198 Cal.
Spinach, Apple, Carrot, Ginger
Improve eyesights
65,000 VND
J6 Sport Motivation
200 Cal.
Beetroot, Apple, Cucumber, Carrot, Celery, Lime, Ginger
Energy boost
65,000 VND
J7 Intense Red
191 Cal.
Beetroot, Apple, Orange, Lime, Ginger
Energy boost
65,000 VND
J8 Local Specialty
119 Cal.
Fish mints, Pineapple, Apple, Ginger
Internal organs detox
65,000 VND
J9 Summer Fusion
210 Cal.
Guava, Spinach, Pineapple, Lime
Boost immune system
65,000 VND
J10 Vitamin C
212 Cal.
Orange, Honey
Boost immune system
55,000 VND
J11 Good Morning
125 Cal.
Coconut Water, Chia Seeds
Provide fiber and minerals
55,000 VND
J12 Rise & Shine
238 Cal.
Orange, Apple, Pineapple
Anti-oxidants, reduce stress, prevent heart diseases
65,000 VND
J13. Melon Mint
152 Cal.
Watermelon, Mints
Detox, refreshing, support weightloss
55,000 VND


S1 Immune Boost
148 Cal.
Mango, Carrot, Orange Juice
Boost immune system, improve eyesights
60,000 VND
S2 Energy Boost
215 Cal.
Pineapple, Apple, Spinach, Banana, Lime Peel, Mint, Flaxseeds, Cashews
Improve blood circulation
60,000 VND
S3 Slim Down
156 Cal.
Pineapple, Mango, Orange, Spinach, Chia Seeds
Boost immune system, improve eyesights
60,000 VND
S4 Super Charge
380 Cal.
Peanut Butter, Cocoa Powder, Banana, Sugarless Yogurt
Weight-gain, clear skin
60,000 VND
S5 Purple Delight
171 Cal.
Red Dragonfruit, Banana, Mango, Lime Juice
Clear skin, strong bones
60,000 VND
S6 Weight-gain Secret
282 Cal.
Avocado, Banana, Kale or Spinach
Provide good fat, reduce inflammation
60,000 VND
S7 Spice It Up
230 Cal.
Apple, Spinach, Cinnamon, Sugarless Yoghurt, Banana, Vanilla
Weight-loss, clear skin
60,000 VND
S8 Green Monster
211 Cal.
Banana, Kale, Nut Milk, Cocoa Powder, Almonds
Weight-loss, reduce stress, enhance metabolism
60,000 VND
S9 Avomania
291 Cal.
Avocado, Banana, Spinach, Nut Milk, Almonds, Cashews
Provide good fat, prevent heart diseases
60,000 VND
S10. Sour Berries Bang
192 Cal.
Cranberries, orange juice, banana, pineapple, ginger
Anti-oxidants, reduce inflammation
60,000 VND
S11. Blueberries Bliss
207 Cal.
Blueberries, apple, banana, cashews
Anti-oxidants, reduce inflammation
60,000 VND
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